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Stupa Incense is a socially and environmentally conscious cottage industry. They have been manufacturing handmade incense since the last two decades.


In the Himalayas burning incense is an important part of their culture. They use incense from day to day rituals to relaxation whether it is in temples, monasteries, public space or at

home. Burning incense is more than just for aroma, it is a lifestyle, and it

is for ones mental and spiritual well being.


Most of the ingredients are locally sourced, from herbs to handmade papers for packaging. Stupa incense are natural, non toxic and non-additive forming.



Stupa Incense

  • Product information

    - 15 sticks / 10cm

    - 30 minutes burning time

    - Packed in paper box. Approx. 11 x 11 x 2cm

  • Available scents

    - Myrrh has a warm and mellow oriental tone, with a smoky, mysterious and sensual scent.


    - Nag Champa made with a multi spice blend of sandalwood, magnolia and frangipani. Miley sweet, musky and exotic.


    - Na Swa has a unique aroma, slightly spicy in the warm woody notes. Relieve stress, soothes the mind for relaxation.

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