Get to know ceramics

A course offers you the best way to get to know ceramics, or to simply improve your skill-set. Studio Timmerman offers you possibilities and techniques to work with clay and to learn the art of wheel throwing in a four session throwing course.



Personal training: Learn how to wheel throw your own ceramics

Have you always wanted to make your own diner set or just want to learn how to throw on the wheel? Studio Timmerman offers you a 'one on one' course where you can learn everything you want to know about ceramics. The lessons will be held in my own home studio.

The process of ceramics requires time and patience. Therefor I offer a 4 lesson course to get the hang of wheel throwing.

During these 4 lessons (±2 hours per lesson) we will discuss the basics of clay, how to throw and how to finish and decorate your own creations.

Cost 'one on one' lessons: € 395,-

Including materials like clay and glaze*. 

Cost 'duo' lessons: € 275,- p.p.

Including materials like clay and glaze*. 

* There is a possibility to purchase extra or custom materials. The price of additional materials is calculated afterwards.