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Make your own tea set

This 4 hour workshop offers you both the basic techniques of manual building, to create and personalise a small teapot, and throwing on the wheel to create a matching tea cup.



Make your own tea set


€180 p.p.

The workshop consists of 2 parts;
You will work on a teapot. I'll get you started with the base shape and it's up to you to personalise the teapot with a hand-build spout, handle and lid. There is also room to further decorate your teapot with techniques such as painting, etching and/or modeling.


Additionally, you get to create a (matching) tea cup to get a feeling of working a potter's wheel.

At the end of the workshop you will have made your own teapot and cup. Since clay then has to go trough two lengthy drying, trimming, glazing and firing phases, I'll finish your creations and have them ready to be picked up after about 3 weeks.


Additional information

- Day: Saturday afternoon

- Time: 13:00 until +/- 17:00

- Number of people: 4

- No experience necessary

- Costs include, material, firing and coffee / tea and something tasty

  Available dates:  



Send me an e-mail to book your appointment. The workshop will only take place if enough participants (4) are available.


Hudsonstraat 229

3025CP Rotterdam

Entrance of the studio is on the side of the house, at the green picknick table

I am not responsible for any cracks/breakage during firing or during use of your creations.

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