Learn how to wheel throw your own ceramics

Have you always wanted to make your own diner set or just want to learn how to throw on the wheel? Studio Timmerman offers you a 'one on one' course where you can learn everything you want to know about ceramics.

The process of ceramics requires time and patience. Therefor I recommend at least 6 lessons to get the hang of wheel throwing. During these 6 lessons (±2 hours per lesson) we will discuss the basics of clay, how to throw and how to finish your own pot.

Cost: € 225,00 

Including materials like clay and glaze*.


*There is a possibility to purchase extra material and if interested, the course can be extended in consultation for € 17.00 per hour. The price of additional materials is calculated afterwards.


Time: t.b.d.

Including coffee and tea and a tasty treat.



Learn how to slib cast and decorate 4 mugs 

During this 1 day workshop you will be making 4 mugs out of porcelain using different techniques and colours.


You will be pouring the mugs yourself in a plaster mould. During this process you will be able to design your own work using different colours of slib and pouring techniques. When the clay is leather hard (still flexible to manipulate the clay) you can (if you like) design the surface by carving. 

After the workshop I will fire and glaze with a transparant glaze to finish the mugs, after which I will send them to you. 

Because the mugs are fired at a high temperature and glazed on the inside, they will be dishwasher safe and can be used for hot and cold drinks. 

Cost: € 85,00 

Including materials like porcelain, glaze and pigment and the shipment of the four mugs.


Time: 10am to 1pm

Including coffee, tea and a tasty treat.